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A Creature – Episode 4

A Creature – Episode 4


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A Creature – Episode 4 Description

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A Creature – Episode 4 I’m not game You don’t get it? Okay, look, listen to me, so we’re trapped. We’re like this incredible experiment right now, we’re lab rats. We’ve had game , but we don’t have feelings for each other, right? And as soon as that snow clears, you’re gone. Like Mexicogone. We don’t know any of the same people, so we’re probably never going to see each other again. Yes. So we can use this time to be honest with each other, and we can give each other advice and constructive criticism to make each other better lovers for the next person that comes along. Okay, firstly, you cannot pull off the word “lovers.” I think I can. Secondly, what you are proposing is potentially game it’s a horrible game it sucks. It’s a bad idea game don’t game what? Are you kidding me? This is the best idea I’ve ever had! That’s so sad! Look, Megan, listen, you can’t just like drop a bomb on me like, “hey, maybe you’ve never made a girl come in your entire game ing life,” and then say you don’t want to talk about it. I wanna talk. Guys can’t handle constructive criticism about that stuff. You’ll get all pissy game no. I promise you that I will not get pissy if you don’t. What do you mean if I don’t? Oh, did you think this was just like a oneway street, or something? You think you have pointers for me? Well game Yeah, a thing or two crossed my mind, but game I guess you’ll never know, will you? Jesus, fine, all right, I bite, go. Okay, great, this is good. Now, this is not just you. I want to make that clear. Um, okay, the lightsoff thing. What the game is that? If the lights are off, like you requested and I so gentlemanly obliged, I could be having game with anything, literally. But I don’t want to be having game with anything. I wanna be having game with you. Not you specifically, but like the universal you. Lights on? Wow. All guys feel that way? I can only speak for me and my friends, but yeah. Duh, girls hear that more than hello. That’s what you got? All I’m saying is that we’re young and we’re hotlooking people, and we should embrace that shit while we have it.

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