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    Stop this train. Oh, there’s no stopping this train, . I think you know that. Danny! You’re not my daddy. No. Put the gun down, son. Where’s my daddy? He’s dead, Danny. Dress Up Games He killed him. Dress Up Games Shut up. Listen to me, Danny. You remember me, it’s your Uncle . You trust me, don’t you, Danny? Look, Danny, I’m gonna put my gun away, okay? Nice and slow. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Shoot him, son. Danny? Is my daddy dead? Is he? Is he? Just put the gun down. Please? Now, just put the gun down. Captain, arrest these men. This man is a common criminal trespassing on railway property. Comanche never raided any settlements. They staged the attacks so they could violate the treaty. We’ve heard enough. Captain. You represent the United States government. You do not work for this man! Dress Up Games Captain! Dress Up Games They started this war! Well, if what you say is true, that would mean I attacked the Comanche for no reason. That’s right, Captain. Slaughter of the innocents. Their blood on your hands. Tenfold. Are you capable of that? Well, the way I see it, these men are with the railroad. So, the question is, who the hell are you? Clear the track, men! Outta the way! Going to pit! My God! Out here, it’s just rock. Put it on a train, it’s priceless. What could you buy with all of that? A country, Captain. A great country. For which our children will thank us. Take her ahead! Line her up! You’re lined up. That’ll do! Get these Chinamen out of here! Move it, move it! Detail, halt! Order, up! Didn’t you hear me, Chinaman? I said, get out! Port arms! Please, don’t do this. You’ll take care of us, like you said. You don’t have to do this. Load! I ain’t gonna tell you again! What the hell is that? Gas. That’s gas! What’d he say? Gas! Get out of there! She’s going to blow! Shoulder arms! I was at Gettysburg. Twelve Dress Up Games thousand casualties before lunch. Know what I learned in all that carnage?

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