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Adam And Eve 23

Adam And Eve 23


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Adam And Eve 23 Description

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here, and the inside, here. Past the main gates, soldiers’ barracks. soldiers sleep here every night, fully armed and ready to fight. We won’t be able to fend them off if we wake them. Once past the soldiers’ barracks, we must enter the garden maze. It’s the only way to traverse the compound unseen. Not only do I have to prune every tree, but since the Minister’s chambers are set so high, I have ensure the gardens look good from above. That brings us to the pavilion. It is the only point of cover before the castle. If we are able to survive the torrent of arrows raining down upon us, we’ll finally reach the iron gates of the residence. Absolutely impossible to open from the outside. Sir, I must be going. Yes, of course. Where you going? To see his girl. Why are we spending time on this when we could be hearing the young one’s tales of innocence lost? Leave the boy be. Mind yourself. Here are the forged documents necessary for working inside the compound. I must do some repairs to the roof of your watchtower. The previous carpenter did not do very good work. With the wages they pay us, who could blame him? I sold three baskets today. Something wrong? I’m tired of eating nothing but rice. If I was not the only one working, perhaps we could afford something else. Why are you still doing this? There’s no shame in feeling grief, but destroying yourself will not bring Lord Bartok back. Spare me your insight. That is all we have left. Why not stay in with me? Just one night! And watch you weave more baskets? Please, Raiden! Please. I cannot do this for much longer. Where is it? Where is it? What? Your sword. Oh. Here it is. I’m leaving. I agree. This is not the type of establishment for a respectable woman. I’m leaving you. I have struggled with the hope that you’d come back to me, return to being the man I married. But that you’d sell your sword only proves you never will. If you have something to say to me to make me think otherwise, now is the time. Sir, the Minister has been summoned. His wisdom and loyalty will forever be remembered.

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