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Adventure Around The World Time

Adventure Around The World Time


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Adventure Around The World Time Description

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you check the petrol? Why are you beating your employee? We’re dying now, who bothers about that! You wait, what should we do now sir? Which direction you’re heading? Without any direction. Then repeat whatever l say without missing any word. Go ahead. O God! O God! Hail Lord Venkatesha! Hail Lord Venkatesha! lf we had committed any sin, please forgive us. lf we had committed any sin, please forgive us. Please show mercy and take us to you. Please show mercy and take us to you. We don’t want to die! Whether you agree or nor, death is inevitable to all men. Because death is the ultimate truth, nobody can escape from it. l’m not saying this, many epics tell us. Humans can’t know how death nears them step by step. lt hits you suddenly. Sir, death is coming at us! Bloody rogues! Were you asking my help or my life? Never in my life l sought any help from anyone till now. We’ve reached Games sit tight! We’ve reached sir. Why are you walking like on main road? You’ll die, move away. Why are you leaving me? How is Goa? l’m in Hyderabad not in Goa. How come? Those rowdy brothers threatened me with men and brought back here. Now they want me to come to Warangal in two days later with their sister. l’m scared. Don’t get scared, just do as l say. Meet the girl directly Games To escape from your brothers’ torture, you must help me. What help? That is Games get a virginity test done. l know one mustn’t ask a girl this, but l’m disturbed by this problem, l really don’t know what l’m doing. Why is she here at this hour? Why are you coming to my house at dusk like Chandramukhi? By any chance is this your home in your previous birth? This is your dress. You said you’re sentimental about it, right? That’s why l brought it. l need to talk to you. Please sit down. l thought about what you said. What’s it about? ls it about my home? This is my only possession. Not about it. l want to go for the medical checkup. Thanks you understood my problem. Would you like to have some juice? Song books, cook books, design books, joke books Games

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