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Adventure Around The World

Adventure Around The World


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Adventure Around The World Description

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Adventure Around The World you get the hood painted? Girl this is a clay mask. From the looks of it, you need it as well. What’s that in your hair? Is that also a clay mask? What about my hair? What the hell? What happened to my hair? It’s OK. Calm down. My hair is screwed. My hairits screwed! Leave. Get out. It’s Ok, there is no problem. Get out! Mojo, hold on a sec. Get out. Out Don’t look. Out. Get out, ok. Doktor, what’s with you? I am doctor. Get everyone out. What the hell is this? It’s OK, calm down. And they died it pink. What did they do to me? They put chemicals in the shampoo. I’m going to mess up theirchemistry. Now. Now. Now I caught you, chicken. How much am I getting? Thirteen percent. Forty. Fourteen percent. Done. You bargain well. Where are these fools? Come on, wake up. But we have been friends for years. You know me right. You know me right dude? I mean you know me. You know me. I need this aftershave man. I’m like a rabbit in heat. I am done with quick in and outs. You now I like a lot. Why are you doing this to me? Why are you taking this away forme? Get lost bro. It’s my precious aftershave. The last bottle. I can’t give it. Give me youraftershave man. I’m sorry What aftershave is that can I see? There. He just heard. Heard, hah! You have spy satellite ears. You hearevery little shit. Aha, he heard. Bro. Anyways, You guys aren’t strangers. Bro I got this bottle of aftershave from a friend outside the country. Avery special bottle. The chicks get one whiff of it. And they lose their mind man. For real man? BAAAAD. Bro, Don’t have the hots for Kurdele? Man, you wearthis aftershave, stand next to her Game Game I swear you won’ be able to decide where to begin sniffing her. And so where is it? Take it out so we can look man. Bro, we don’t touch it because it’s the last bottle. Soo? How much is this? Now, it’s not cheap because it is last bottle. For you lira. That’s expensive bro. God as my witness it costs me no less than lira. You know if I could offer a betterprice I would? Plus Game Game we will throw in the Diamond Dash account Game

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