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Adventure To Earth

Adventure To Earth


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Adventure To Earth Description

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Adventure To Earth I’ll live and die in Bombay. Anand was breathless while talking today. These are his last signs. In Medical profession there’s a stage when no treatment helps Game And the doctor has to wait for the patient’s death. No one can perceive this helpless situation except a doctor. Oh God! Such frightening helplessness. I won’t let you go so quietly, mummy. What were you murmuring silently? I was praying to God. What did you ask Him for? I asked Jesus for your Game I’m dead. What have you done? Why, what happened? Don’t you know, I’m a disciple of Lord Shiva Game and you prayed to Jesus. What if they fight with each other? You fool. Mummy, you don’t know Game Shivji is very shorttempered. It’s alright. God has not seen my temper. If they interfere Game I’ll be born as your son in my next life. What’s your opinion? Good, you’re here. You’ll be the witness. I’ve made a contract with mummy I’ll be born to her in my next life. He’s foolish. He just blabbers. Aren’t you my son now? Why wait for the next birth? Yes, it’s true. So he doesn’t move around Game Yes. I’ve seen so many deaths but I won’t be able to bear this one. We are trying our level best. What are we doing. Man has reached the moon Game We have even accomplished on outer space but Game what have we done to fight against human diseases, pain and torment? Nothing! Sometimes I feel so helpless, Prakash. Won’t you go and see Anand? Go and meet him once. He won’t survive for long. No, Bhaskar, I don’t have the courage. I’ll be leaving now. I have to go to the church. You sit here and talk to him. I’ll come again. It’s not nice to make others cry? Why? I wanted Mummy to laugh and she cried. I try to make everyone laugh but they all cry. You don’t understand. When there’s too much joy Game tears flow from our eyes. Your mummy didn’t weep because she was sad Game but because she was happy. Where will she find a son like you? And where will you find a brother like me? See what I’ve got for you. Wait here. I’ll go get it. Anand you Game You are crazy Game Don’t scold me in Bengali.

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