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Against the force of gravity Time

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  • Against the force of gravity Time

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    But supposing they escape before we lift off? You leave that to me. chuckles maniacally So long for now. We’ll see you on the new Earth. I’m % sure of it. Yes, and today’s the big day. Off we go into space together. laughs Maybe we should go with them. Look at all those lights up there. It’s a whole sky full of lantern fish. Guys, hello, we’re not going anywhere. We have to save the colony. And that means finding Nathan. Of course, young man. I admire your focus. Luigi take our guests to the sonar room right away. You’ve got it, boss. Deep Thanks. Maura, dear, why aren’t you with your friends? I don’t think they’re my friends anymore. At least Deep isn’t. Ah, well, he seems like a nice enough fellow. That’s what I thought, but friends should look out for each other. Ah, so that’s why he was saying all those things about you. What? What did he say? Oh, nothing. I’m sorry. It’s none of my business. Tell me. Tell me what he said. All I can say is, I don’t think you’re as dumb as a bag of dead kelp. He said that? And I certainly don’t think you’re as ugly as a Blob fish’s bottom. grunts I am going to eat him alive! Calm down, dear. If there’s one thing the humans taught us, it’s respect your team members. Hey, Darcy, I was thinking Say another word and I Uhh, give you a treat. Ooh, oh, boy, oh, boy. What if I say two words? Two treats. But only if you say them to that doorknob over there. chuckles Double yay! Not a super genius, is he? Basically a bowling ball with a tail. Maura, we’re about to join the humans in a new world, as equals. You can, too. Why aren’t you telling Deep this? He’s our leader. My dear, the Earth is dying. Maybe you’re mad at them, but don’t you want to save their lives? Isn’t that what being a true friend is? But how can I help when he won’t listen to me? I’m glad you asked. I got a strange feeling about these guys. Stay close. Whatever, Deep. Here we are, the sonar room. This is the sonar room? Of course it is. Just read the sign. See, sonar room. sign beeping Please, guests first. I don’t know, it looks pretty dark in there.

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