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Against Time2

Against Time2


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Against Time2 Description

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Against Time2 Dead. No. Come on, you already forget about the it list? Let go a little. Wow, you completely misinterpreted The entire purpose of that exercise. All I’m saying is that I want to hang out with you more. So why is that so bad? You were supposed to take lessons from the list And apply them to your new life in New York. You’re supposed to kick in school And meet new people And have all these great experiences. You’re not supposed to retreat Back to whatever is easy for you. Come on. You weren’t that easy. Really, dude? Come on, I was kidding. No, it’s game You know what, it’s fine. It’s fine. Can we not end on a fight? We’re not having a fight. Just, like, chill out. I just have to get back, So just tell me how to get to your house. Why? I thought we were going to your house for the party. I game Yeah, I got to check and make sure that’s cool. You can just take route . Okay. Well, that’s the last one, boss. That’s it, huh? Well, I suppose we should go Before crackheads and hookers move in. Too late. Hey, you made it. So game how was your night? Did you kiss any dudes And then run away crying and leaving them stranded With a ty twoPerson band To talk about that one time they almost got signed? Joel, I like you. Could have fooled me. As a friend. Oh, perfect. I’m sorry I don’t like you more than that. I wish I did. Unfortunately for me, I’m attracted to muscular, More conventionally attractive men. That’s not nice. Why are you saying game Is this supposed to be making me feel better? I almost slept with you last night. Again, not making me feel better. Joel, I wanted you to be my friend. I’m not like you. I don’t have anyone to talk to. What? What are you talking about? You’re, like, you. You’re super popular. Yeah, with people I’m never going to talk to Once I graduate. Mandy, Stacy, and lacy are totes retar. My brother’s a selfAbsorbed hole. Even my dad prefers talking to you over me. I feel comfortable around you, Joel. You listen to me, and for some reason, You like me for who I am. I didn’t want to throw that

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