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Aladdin the process of splitting Adventure

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  • Aladdin the process of splitting Adventure

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    Sheriff That’ll be fine. Of course, they’ll go to their grandparents tomorrow, until we make a determination. Kate Thank you. I don’t want them to be scared. Sheriff I’ll get them for you. Ellie Does she know we’re here? Kate I think so. Me, too. I miss her a lot. Kate I know, honey. So do I. Ellie Uncle Tim said we could paint my room any colour I wanted. Kate He did? Well, he just wants you to feel at home. So do I. Buckle up, hon. car motor starts Ellie Kate, you know what I’d really like in my room? Kate What’s that, sweetie. Ellie A dog. I’m not, I’m just concentrating on my script right now. Yeah, right, the script. Come on, this is really important to me. I just can’t let anything distract me. Okay. Okay, I see. I just hope I’m still around when you decide to get distracted. Give me a break. Ugh. It’s cloudy and misty… Joannie, ah! Bud! Hey, Bud, it’s not a speedway, you know? Sorry. Come on, people. We got good news, we got bad news, we got all kinds of news. Go ahead, Tina. Okay, first, we lost our editing space again. Oh, no! You know, they stick us in the library, then the biology lab, and now the music room. Yeah, how come it’s always the film department that gets shafted? What do you have to do to be taken seriously around here? You gotta learn how to kick ass, man. Yeah! Well, we are a novelty item. Every new department has to make a splash to get on the map. And that’s the good news because Toby’s come up with a great idea. Go ahead, Tobe. Yeah, Toby! Here’s our new idea. We do an all-night Horrorthon. Ugh. No, this is a terrific idea. An all-night horror show. They’re big grossers. Hey! I got a better idea. Why don’t we put on a play? We’ll convert the old barn into a theater, huh? Please. Ls there an inherited gene for obnoxiousness? Yeah. These are the future writers and directors of the American cinema. It’s the “Police Academy” syndrome. Hey, hey! There’s more social relevance and character development in “Police Academy ” than in all of Ingmar Bergman’s cinematic smorgasbord.

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