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Alkirian Ancient Big Egypt Time

Alkirian Ancient Big Egypt Time


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Alkirian Ancient Big Egypt Time Description

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four months ago, the penitentiary asked us to open an enquiry to investigate into the nature of your relations with a certain inmate, Anna Amari. A relationship which, according to prison authorities, could compromise the security of your detention center. You continue to deny relations with her? We have a listing of phone calls. You recognize the number? That’s surprising, because you bought the card. We have the photo. Mr. Firmino do you want to keep your job? Just tell me the truth. She manipulated you? Excuse me? Admit it, she used you. You won’t be convicted. Any warnings will be kept confidential. It’s not my business. What are you talking about? It’s your only chance. It’s not what you think. She’s in love, huh? Be quiet. You don’t know her. Enough to have an opinion. Me too. Well, the examining magistrate will decide for himself. You gave a phone card to an inmate with whom you had intimate relations. You’ll be charged with complicity, an of fence punishable by three years in prison. While awaiting trial, you will be on probation and must have no contact with Miss Amari.

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