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Alone Finish Adventure

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  • Alone Finish Adventure

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    Alone Finish Adventure Description

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    Would you keep it down? Did not see that coming! Take that, Doctor Diaper! I can’t believe we made him. And he’s even dumber in real life. Oh! Look! Little dolphins! We have to get rid of him, don’t we? I think we do. I mean, he’s a way bigger problem than Mr. Krupp ever was. But, you know, George bringing back Krupp permanently we’ll never be in the same cl again. Yeah, I know. But just ’cause we’re in separate cles, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends Well, yeah. I mean, we’ll always be friends. Right? Yeah. Hey, in fact, you know what? Let’s do a blood oath. But minus the blood. I don’t wanna see the blood. No blood. Pinky swear? No, that’s lame. Mmm-mmm. On, got it! Oh, no. What? No! That’s not sanitary. Can’t we just do a verbal declaration of friendship or something? Oh. Okay. Yeah, wow. I haven’t really prepared anything, but I, Harold hereby declare George as my best friend, permanently, forever. And I, George, accept the permanent rights that Harold has given me to be his best friend forever and the constitution of friends America, friendship. And the United States of America. Land and the United States. Good, okay, yeah. It’s done. All right, cool. Phew. What a relief. Yeah, no kidding. I mean, why were we even worried about that whole clroom thing in the first place? You know, I don’t know. We were younger then. Clearly, we have grown. Clearly, we have. Chums! Thank you for chronicling my surprisingly grounded biography. The truth is a slippery thing. And you nailed it. Now it is time to fly again! Farewell, my dear sidekicks. Goodbye, Captain Underpants. Goodbye. George! Harold! What am I doing in your tree house again? You boys are in big trouble! I don’t know how big yet Why does this keep happening? Where are my clothes? Where are they? I don’t get it. Why is Krupp so angry and Captain Underpants so happy? Maybe it’s because Captain Underpants had us. You know, he had friends. We could fix that. Yeah, you know, we could. So that’s how we came to pull the rarest prank of all The prank for good. Huh?

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