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Angry Birds Find Your friends Adventure

Angry Birds Find Your friends Adventure


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Angry Birds Find Your friends Adventure Description

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Now, you just hold it here, Kelly. This is where I put you to work. Let’s get these Yanks out of here. Come on, get going! Rise and shine, gents! Get up! Come on! Up and at them, blue boy. Easy. All right, out. All right, out! Get them in the corral! Come on, boys. Let’s move that powder. Be careful there, Zeb. All right. Start moving that herd. You see where Steadman’s headed? I said, move. Listen, you idiot. Cattle can’t make miles an hour. You’ll be in Yankees up to here. You’ll be lucky to get your men out. I told you to move! No herd, no Kelly. It was like playing games the other night, wasn’t it? Exciting and honorable. How does it strike you now? I’ll ride point. Williams, you take the left flank. Captain Webster, you take the right. Would you consider riding drag? No. I didn’t think so. All right, move them out! There it is, colonel. Just the way you saw it in that crazy dream. With the genera”s permission Games Games I’d like to remind the general I warned him about this. My judgement was correct all along. Absolutely correct. I gambled Lee would risk his cavalry and he did. He did. The herd is big for Rossiter, and he’s big for Hampton. Hampton? He was sighted, just as I planned. I knew what that beef meant to the Rebs. Colonel Jacobs is ready to ride. What’s his strength? About . Excellent. Jacobs is to proceed down the Jerusalem Plank Road Games Games and if he’s fast he’ll have Hampton by the throat. Which might never have happened Games Games if I’d listened to your request for more troops. What are you waiting for? Detect my strategy, major? Yes, sir. Now, major. Question: How do you believe Rossiter expects to get that herd back to Richmond? Well, I’d say he’s gonna drive the cattle into Blackwater Swamp. I guess that’s how they came Games Games using the bridge at Cook’s Crossing. Splendid. That’s why I’m giving you my reserves: cavalry Games Games plus a howitzer battery. Satisfied? Well? Yes, sir. That’s splendid, sir. Yes, sir. Herd them in tighter. Colonel! What is it? I couldn’t catch him.

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