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Angry Birds Find Your friends

Angry Birds Find Your friends


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Angry Birds Find Your friends Description

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Angry Birds Find Your friends No, I’ve sent many people to him. So nowadays all your patients go to him. No wonder he was complaining that his business is not good. Don’t joke, will you come? Sure. Your teacher is mine too. ‘Prasad’. Pray for us. Do you have to tell us. I always pray for you. I have called you my brother, so let me take your blessings. Bless me. I’ll prepare some tea for you. What can I bless you with? I can’t even request God to give my life to you. Hey, Babumushai Game when did you come? Did you hear my song quietly? Yes. Did you like it? Beautiful, but a little sad. Isn’t melancholy beautiful, Babumushai? Yes, but I’ve always seen you smiling that’s why Game Does that mean every smile is full of joy Game Sometimes sorrow is also Game Anand, you always share your joy with others Game Share your sorrows with me today. No, Babumushai, I’ll never share it with anyone. Forgive me, I’m selfish in this matter. Anand suddenly stopped while telling me something Game He hid his sorrows from me. Maybe that sorrow is the essence of his life today Game Otherwise how is it possible for a man Game who is deteriorating day by day, to have such a stable mind? I don’t what he’s sad about, but I didn’t pry Game but if it this power which keeps him alive Game then let his pains be concealed forever. Take his blessings. Baba, he’s my brother. He’s sick. Make him well. Wait, Suman. You’re getting your work done. Let me talk to Baba first. How can you talk to him? Didn’t I tell you he doesn’t? He’s vowed not to. You had. But, Baba, have you taken a lifelong oath. Won’t you ever speak? I’m dead. I’ll never be able to talk to you. Tell me, Baba; doesn’t it trouble you to remain quiet? I’ll die if I stay quiet for five minutes. Don’t waste his time. Baba, bless my brother. I’m sure, if you wish he’ll become alright. Can he do that? Yes, he can. Baba, can’t you do something that I can live for years Game and as long as I live no disease should affect me. I shouldn’t fall sick Game and the thermometer of all my doctor friends should stand still.

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