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Angry Birds Time 3

Angry Birds Time 3


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Angry Birds Time 3 Description

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Angry Birds Time 3 Oh. Okay, good. Hey, do you want to get retarded with me? What’s that? It’s ethyl. It’s like molly mixed with bran muffin And prune juice or something. I hear it’s supposed to be game Totes Cray? Exactly. I thought that you loved this stuff. What gave you that impression? I game You Facebook stalked me. What? Lacy posted that stupid on my wall, Like, six hours ago, About getting ed up on ethyl. What is Facebook? Is that a website? In fact, this whole night Has been a little too perfect, hasn’t it? The restaurant, the dress, Our game Our nonstop conversation. The conversation was all me. Really? Because it’s kind of weird That all of your favorite things are the same as mine. Do you even like what’s eating Gilbert grape? That was true. That fat mom being lit on fire at the end? ing beautiful! Killed me. Okay, fine. Fine, all right, so what? What’s the big deal? I wanted to give you a special time. Is that a crime? Am I in trouble? Are you gonna yell at me? I mean, I got one chance to take you on a date, And I just wanted to make sure game I said no. I think it’s really sweet you tried to impress me. You do? Yeah. I mean, nobody cares About what I think or what I like. But I don’t get it. If you’re not into this ethyl stuff, Then why did you “like” Lacy’s post? I don’t like half the stuff I “like.” It’s just easier to go along with everybody. Thank you for dinner. It was really retarded, In a good way. Well, I’ve got one more stop. And I promise this is gonna be something You’ll actually “like.” Oh! I got three words: Diarrhea. Am I right? Slam dunk! Whew. All right, we’re almost there. Almost there, down the steps to your deep, dark basement Where you’ll chop my body up into a million pieces, Reveal that you’re a serial killer, And wear my skin until you die? No, but I will do that on our second date. Oh, great. This is a little bit more awesome. Oh. Seriously? Yeah, cool, right? Oh, my god, how did you even get in here? I have connections. Security guard was in my community photography cl. Huh. I’ve never actually even been here.

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