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Animals Entertainment 4

Animals Entertainment 4


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Animals Entertainment 4 Description

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Animals Entertainment 4 Where’s the jeep? Jack. Jack, where’d the jeep go? I don’t know. MUTTERING Oh my God. Sue, you ing idiot. Bring up m.T.S. Could still be on the road. To the left of the tree. MOUTHS So now you’re eager to Games them all? You’re not? He’s a conspirator. Is he? Look at those innocent kids. Jack, , we’ve got to get this done. He could be gone before the next reaper gets here. Come on, let’s do it.Your old man laid it on thick, didn’t he? The whole chemical attacks, , your family. Jack, what are you Game A nuclear bomb threat should’ve Game will you please get your shit together?My shit is together. Then arm up, okay?I’ve been in this trailer the entire day.Jack. Every time I get a cup of coffee or go out and take a piss, I get to look at this poster. SIGHS Sue! These are the men who crashed into the world trade center, okay? Not one of them looks like the guy your dad showed you. He was feeding you crap.They have big red xs over their faces, okay, Jack? Jesus Christ. Hey. Same ing poster without the red x. And here’s the guy your dad showed you. CHUCKLESThey look nothing alike. All right? He’s got a little butt chin like John Travolta. None of these guys have that. They have beards. Can’t see the chin. They look nothing alike. Your dad was Game he was lying to you about ! Just ing admit it!He wouldn’t use that. God damn it! Everybody uses .No, he wouldn’t use my mother and my brother!If he thought you were ruining your life? Okay, so this guy flew into the Pentagon.Is that what he said? No, but he got it mixed up.Your dad’s a general, sue. Maybe you were right. Kahlil is just this regular winedrinking, birthdaypartyloving nonterrorist, somebody the Pakistani generals want dead.That’s not true. Jack, we have five minutes until we crash the aircraft, so why are you doing this right now? Because I think you were right. Mind this checklist. My other mission was bullshit.Don’t go there. Your dad just looked you in the eye and lied to you so you’ll Games a baby. What the is going on? What if they’re lying to me? I mean, I Gamesed a mom and her little girl.

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