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Animals Entertainment Adventure

Animals Entertainment Adventure


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Animals Entertainment Adventure Description

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Yeah. Yeah. Um COINS CLATTERS STUTTERS I just have this many credits. Okay. Uh, that will get you, let’s see. Fountain drink or a cup of coffee. Could get you a cookie maybe. Hello? Sorry. Sorry. Um Uh I just never could’ve guessed I’d find you this far outside the gates of Glenrona. You’re the Sorry. James, right? Um My shift is almost up. Can you give me a minute? Mmm-hmm. Okay. I guess I found out when you did, basically. It was just a little bit of extra cash every month, I mean He told me it was for Canadian public access. I’d just show up, and he’d give me my lines. I never really asked a lot of questions obviously. I’ve been sick to my stomach. I wish that I had never done it. I don’t know what to say. I’m really just so, so sorry for everything. Sorry? You and Brigsby I guess your sister Nina, too. You were the only thing that made the world okay. You were all I had. I guess you still are. You do realize that I’m not actually her, right? My name is Whitney. No, I know. I know now. Okay, but Nina, too. It was just a camera trick. Yeah. It’s actually a really cool effect. Sure. But you made it so real. And the way that you were always there for Brigsby, even when it seemed impossible He couldn’t have done it by himself. How did you find me? Same way Brigsby did, I guess. WHISPERS Destiny. CELL PHONE VIBRATING Sorry. Um I got to go pick up my kid in a few minutes. It was really nice to meet you. You seem really sweet. Wait. Before you go, in volume , during that four-episode arc all about the Quantix, did you really not know anything about it the whole time? Or were you just trying to protect the Wizzles? I really don’t remember that. And you would never want to do it again, right? To help finish it? I don’t think SIREN WAILS It looks like it’s time for me to go anyway. Those are for you? SIGHS Hate to say it, but, yep. I’ve been an outlaw ever since I came into this world. It’s dope as shit. SIGHS Here You’re the only one who can keep it safe. CHUCKLES What? Thanks for the food and the Coke.

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