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Apple Hunter Adventure

Apple Hunter Adventure


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Apple Hunter Adventure Description

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Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death… I will dwell in the house of the lord forever. Jim, it’s leaving! Amen! Yahoo! Nothing fazes it. We’ll have to drop the a-bomb. No, Jim, that’s what started all this trouble in the first place. Five, four, three, two, one. Everybody, under the desk! Whoo! Five, four, three… Bye-bye! Go, baby, go, ! What the? It’s dead. Wow, incinerated beyond belief! Thanks, guys. You’re welcome, corky! We’re safe this time, Jim. There may be a next time. And a next. Do you know how many species of insects there are in this world? Mankind must learn to be ever watchful. I know one thing, baby. From now on, I’m gonna be watching you. Amen. So, let me get this straight, this guy Gates, like, come back from the dead to show some flick he made and, like, walked up to the movie theater and bought a ticket like that? Am I getting this right or am I just delirious? I didn’t say that he came back from the dead. Right, right, but, well, this Sarah thing… run that by me again. He called me Sarah. Maybe he thinks I’m his daughter. Oh. Oh, so Gates has a daughter named Sarah? Yes! And we know this how? I don’t know, Mark, but I kn… ugh. You’re pissing me off. Well, enjoy your little joke? What? Locking me out of the theater. I had to climb down the fire escape and into the side yard. I fell in a trash bin. I twisted my ankle while climbing the barbed wire fence, outrunning a very pissed off doberman. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to change reels. Toby, I didn’t do anything, I swear it. Oh, yeah? Well, who did, then, huh? Don’t look at me. Maybe it was him. Who? You… you mean Gates? It could be! Oh, so Gates came back from the dead to lock Toby out of the theater. Oh, yeah. That’s real cute, Mark. Come on, Maggie. I’m only fooling around. Great, why don’t you fool around with joy, then? Get out of here. How many? Just one. Hi. Did you have a nice break? I’m really sorry. Thanks. Yeah. Later. Great, there you go. Thanks. Two popcorns, please. What’s up, player? Don’t ask.

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