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Apple Picking Time

Apple Picking Time


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Apple Picking Time Description

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Oh, I think you do, Kate. And if everything works out, I don’t see any reason why you and Tim can’t be named legal guardians. You know, I don’t think I ever really loved Ann. I don’t feel one way or another about it. Kinda funny. So, Kate, there’s the evidence. And there’s the fire. What are you going to do? Mike We all have to make sacrifices, Kate, to get what we want. This isn’t what I wanted. Now let me ask you a question. Do you really think I’d put my life in your hands like this? panicked gasps No…! no…! water splashes No…! No…! grunts of struggle Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! gasps silence splash! erratic panting hair dryer whirrs sound of approaching car Tim Hey. Mike Hey, man. It’s about time you got here. I’m draining this pasta soon or it’s going to turn to mush. Where’s Kate? She went for a swim. Went for a swim? Um. Oh, that’s good. I know, tell me about it. I thought she was just going to get wet and come right back. You know, she’s actually been gone for awhile. Tim Kate! Kate! KATE! KATE! KA-A-ATE! Mike I don’t see her. I’m going to call the Sheriff, and I’m going to try and find some flashlights. KATE! KATE! Tim She was scared. I could tell on the phone something was wrong. Mike I told her that it was a bad idea, that she shouldn’t go. She said she swam all year, you know? So you were cooking dinner? Mike Yeah. How long was she gone for? I don’t know. Um… Twenty minutes or so. I didn’t really pay any attention to it ’til Tim got here. voice murmurs in ear jack They on the shore? Copy. Did they find her? Is she alive? Sheriff Yes she’s alive. Stand up, Mr. Harding. sound of car approaching multi footsteps bash! You sonofa ! Killed the mother of your own children. If you wanted to be with someone else, why didn’t you just leave? I hope you rot in hell. Get him out of here. The neighbours on the shore must have been shocked to see you. You’re quite a swimmer. Kate What’s going to happen to the children tonight? Ordinarily, we’d turn them over to Child’s Services. Kate They’ve been staying with us.

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