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Arithmetik Ways Adventure

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  • Arithmetik Ways Adventure

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    Arithmetik Ways Adventure Description

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    The Hahaguffawchuckleamalus looks all shrimpy, so, what gives? It can’t be! Their Hahaguffawchuckleamaluses, they’re enormous! I need more power. Anything strike you as funny now? I’m sure we can think of something! George, I can’t smile anymore. No! Harold! One down, und one to go. Harold. Harold. Harold, can you hear me? Harold! George! George, is that you? Right here, buddy. What’s happening? We’re shrinking! Now, if we don’t laugh at something soon, we may never laugh again. Oh, no! What do we do? What do we do? What do we do? Well, we have to think of something funny, okay? Okay, yeah, sure. Something funny. Anything? No, I got nothing. Me neither. More shrinkage! Okay, okay. What did we use to find funny? Mostly potty humor. Poop, vomit, that kind of thing. Really? Ugh. That is, like, the lowest form of comedy. Don’t you say that, Harold! Don’t you leave me! Attention everyone! Poopypants here with a little update on the Poopageddon. Due to the success of my plan thus far I’ve decided to wipe out laughter on the entire planet. After that, you know, I’ll probably move on to other planets Jupiter, Mars can’t forget Uranus! Wait. Did he just say Your anus. I know! Uranus! Yeah, and once I’m through with the gas giants I figure I’ll go after the other galaxies What? It feels so good to laugh! No, stop it! Stop laughing! You’re ruining everything! Yikes! Extra credit or survival? Extra credit or survival? I choose survival! Uh-oh! Oh. Yeah! Wow! No, how could this be happening? Never underestimate the power of laughter, Poopypants! Oh, that’s the est thing I’ve ever heard. Oh! Ah! Whoa! Harold! Harold, we did it! Harold? I think I bruised a rib. Because I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! Oh, we’ll see who’s laughing once I shrink you down where you will live in my pocket forever amongst my cherry-flavored lip balm my butterscotch-flavored lip balm Oh, neato! my mint-flavored lip balm my extra-moisturized SPF lip balm and all of my lip balms! Why does one person have so much lip balm? Help! Help! Please, anyone!

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