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Artie’s in the dream world

Artie’s in the dream world


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Artie’s in the dream world Description

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Artie’s in the dream world Until then, you were just this rock. Always so strong and so fearless. But that inferno broke you down. HmGamehmGamehm. I thought you were going to break up with me right then and there. Oh, no, bear. Now that was the exact moment I realized that I loved you. That I would always love you. I’m scared, em. Huh? Huh? I know. I’m so sorry. I’m leaving you, Terry. Em Game You’ll be okay. I tried her home, her cell, I sent her a text. She’s M.I.A. You sure she doesn’t still think she’s fired? No, I mean, I spoke to her right after we came back from L.A. She said that he apologized and she promised she’d be here. I’ve got a weird feeling. You know what, we’ve still got a couple hours left. I’ll go to her house and you load the flight plan, okay? Of course. All right. I’ve knocked several times. Her car’s still here. She’s been with me for three years, she’s never once been late. Not once. Cindy?! Cindy! Should we call the police? It’ll take ’em an hour to get here. Just open the door, please. Dear Lord! Ah, damn it, Cindy. Call the police. Call the police! She’d never been late before, so Game Sir. See that contusion on the side of her head there, and cuts here and there? Well, she went down coming around the bend there. She tried to grab the shelf, break her fall. She missed, broke the vase, cracked her head, and then she tumbled over and just landed right on her neck. Boom Game dead. Slipped or she was pushed? Game Inconclusive. Game What about the bruise on her cheek? Well, it’s greening so maybe two days old. Look, my best guestimate here, just eyeGameballing her lividity, is she died yesterday. So, bruised, death Game Two separate events. Anyway, once we get her up on the table, verify her injuries, the timing, check her cavities, see how loaded she was. But, yeah, girl Game obviously fell down the stairs. Naked. Yep. Strange. Game It’s a shame, isn’t it? Game Yeah. Game I’ll see ya. Game All right.

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