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Aztec Treasure

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  • Aztec Treasure

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    Do you like it? Really? I like to use raw elements, knowing that the organization of timings and intonations will give them their different and unique colors. That’s wonderful, Irene, to contribute a clear note. Sunlight for those old residences, dusty with the force of tradition. This recital of worn-out commonplaces has me all interested. It’s true! It’s a form of art to recite something really new. The speed of reply, the tone of voices. That becomes a kind of reassuring music. Well, from the start you understand that there’s a saturation of language. And you get the impression that it relieved him, Auteuil, to say it! Wait, I can’t find the words… How to avoid commonplaces in order to express… Well, then don’t say anything. Marielle, he was unique! I wouldn’t know with whom to replace him if he hadn’t accepted. For me, it was a supreme achievement! For me, it was a high point to give him a supporting role of this quality. Marielle is, from the start, an innocent swindler. Not even a swindler. An innocent man. Tell me, Mr. Fonfrin, is it correct that you have cash registers? Yes. Because while scanning the documents you gave me, I noticed that often, one was missing, that there were some holes. Yes, that’s possible, I have a cashier who was on sick leave a few times and… And you also told me about a warehouse keeper you’re not sure about. – Yes, that’s right! – Why? It’s a man who… drinks! We asked ourselves: “If we don’t have Marielle, who to take?” I said Jean Poiret. And Jacques told me: “Careful! Poiret doesn’t have the innocence!” And that’s true. Poiret is brilliant. If you let him play a crook, he really is a crook. While Marielle has the innocence! He’s unique at that! And here’s another one. I took out a small loan, but… I planned to pay it back, of course. Of course… Another one! We always met on the same spot. We had breakfast, talked about music, very little about film. We talked mostly about Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon, Charlie Parker. That’s what we discussed

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