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Barbie Beauty Bedroom

Barbie Beauty Bedroom


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Barbie Beauty Bedroom Description

Barbie Beauty Bedroom, Barbie Beauty Bedroom Games, Play Barbie Beauty Bedroom Games

Barbie Beauty Bedroom When did you and Patrick break up? I dont really want to talk about that here. Can you hold onto this for me? Wow. You really cleaned up. I know. What are you doing later? Writing thankyou cards. Do you wanna come to a party with me? No. Please. Why? See ya. Bye. Cause I would do it for you. Seaweed flow, must be from that weed smoke eyes Chinese cause we smokin sour diesel blunts siamese, two of these, you be me, yo the police though, we smoke it like it legal seaweed flow, must be from that weed smoke eyes Chinese cause we smokin Game Bored yet? Its better than a lot of parties weve been to this summer. the police, though Game hey, whats up? I remember you. You girls need a drink? Its a party, not a funeral. Its okay. Ill get it. Whats your name? Chiara. Devon. Nice to meet you. I like the way you sparkle. You look like a pink disco ball. You see Mr. young bone, ak, Im so gone hoes love me, Jerome, hoes love me, Jerome sit back, get smacked get stoned Game yo. Hey. Every time I see you, you look different. Yeah, I just came from a thing. Chiaras thing. Right, right, right. Fun? Yeah. Mmm. Um. It doesnt work that way. Whoa. Look at that. Whats that about? I dont want to lose it. No? Its kind of over, but Im just holding onto it. Thats too bad. Um Game here. Seaweed flow, must be from that weed smoke eyes Chinese cause we smokin sour diesel Game scuse me, America, I dont do the taxes I make my money flip stretch, we call it gymnastics its in Friday, I need a nia long with a nice set of tits and a green thong me and juicy always smokin, we like Cheech Chong a French bitch pussy, sweet honey dijon she love the paper, everywhere the cash be chaching! Now baby girl, pop that pussy like some acne I must be ballin cause she only with athletes Im that d, smokin purple in a black tee I love weed, nigga, I got a green thumb she me, nigga, until she bleed cum your favorite crew will be on milk carton soon Im busting off in the ocean like a harpoon, yeah Game Im on a road, so alone you left me cold,

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