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Being One Time 3

Being One Time 3


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Being One Time 3 Description

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Being One Time 3 How? Okay, champagne. What do you think of when you drink champagne? Old people, headaches. Okay, perfect, let’s go with headaches. Champagne is from France. It was originally used in the coronation of kings. King Louis XVI also got a headache When he was beheaded by his own subjects On January st, , During the French revolution. Not bad. Yeah. Just letting you know I’m changing the atmosphere up a bit. Ah! Why is my getting hot? Seat warmers! You’re welcome. Well, anyway, a few mnemonic devices Won’t be enough to get me an “a” in draper’s cl. You knew about mnemonic devices? What I don’t know is what to study. Draper’s cramming way too many chapters into one test. Well, I don’t go back to Cornell Until Sunday, so game and I thought you were actually gonna help me study. Pull over. Wait, wait, hold on. Hold on. Would this help? You have the test? Draper uses the same pword for all his secure files. It’s “Ariana Grande’s puffy nipples .” Well, why didn’t you lead with this Instead of the lame mnemonic? Well, once you had the actual test, There’d be no reason for you to hang out with me. Joel. I still want to hang out with you. I just don’t want to lead you on. Like, nothing’s gonna happen between us. ! No, duh, I know that. Yeah. Sure. Seriously, like, it’s not gonna happen. Okay, what if you and I Were stuck on a deserted island together And you were getting super horny. You’re diddling yourself every night, sure. But what you really need is a . Now, you’re thinking, “I’ll go artificial.” You’re looking for a dildo, you’re looking for a dildo. You’re searching the island. You can’t find one. All of a sudden, you see me. I just gave myself a nice little saltwater bath. I look great. I shoot you a wink. What are my chances? Well, in that scenario, I guess you might actually have a shot. Almont? I’ve always wanted to eat here. Huh, what a lucky guess. But I’m not dressed for this. I got it covered. Avoogavooga! HehLaLaLa! Yes, please. I’m kidding. But seriously, you look really ing good. Joel, I can’t believe you got me this dress.

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