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Best Alxemy Adventure

Best Alxemy Adventure


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Best Alxemy Adventure Description

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it’s Atlanta. We’ve sent them samples. They have all of our data now, you see. And what have they come up with? So far, nothing. I understand there was a witness to this accident involving the girl. Yeah, her boyfriend, uh, Greg Hauser. He’s here in the hospital now. Okay, Hauser. Describe the attacker. Was he black? White? Come on, let’s hear it now! Don’t sit there! Talk! That’s enough, Willoughby. I’ll take it from here. Hey, Plummer, this kid saw the guy who did it. I’m trying to get a description, but he won’t cooperate. That’ll be all, Captain Willoughby. Greg, this is Lt. Plummer from the police department. He wants to ask a few questions, that’s all. Greg, was it? Okay, Greg. Just tell me what you saw. A horrible Radio face. Whose face, Greg? Whose face was it? Radio . Look, he’s still in shock. I think I’d better take him under observation for a few hours. Greg, come with me. How’s Michael Goldstein? They had to amputate. But I think they got it all. Beeping Heartbeat High-pitched beeping Sharp whine Multiple phones ring Static Ken. How’s Ellen this morning? Uh, Dr. Hayworth wants to try a surgical laser, to burn the fungus off, just as soon as they make sure there aren’t any broken bones or– I took a look at these x-rays you sent me. What did you think? You were right. Skeletal structure is abnormal. An extended clavicle, oversized sternum, displaced mastoid process– Doug? Hi, Ken. Hi, Susie. Ken, I want you to listen to this. I think I’m onto something. This scroll, it basically tells the story of King Tutankhamen’s soldiers discovering a stranger in the desert. All right? Because of his unusual appearance, the Egyptians assumed him to be a god, sent to advise their own god king. So King Tut goes forth to greet this deity, whom he calls “Ankh-Vinharis’,. Now, listen to this. “All-knowing Tutankhamen reached out to touch the weary traveler and was sorely burned and afflicted with a disease that consumed his flesh.” Hm. “Likewise were all servants who laid soothing hands on the Boy King. All died, save only the strange traveller himself

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