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Best Bomb Care Adventure

Best Bomb Care Adventure


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Best Bomb Care Adventure Description

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Can’t you see the lieutenant’s a married man? Oh, yeah? Oh, well. Te amo, roy. Bye, Pete. See you later, Rosa. These es can’t get enough of us. Michael, stay here. Keep away. Police. Everything all right in there? No! Everything isn’t all right! asshole hit Jim in the face! you! you! In the face! Shut up! There you go. You all right? Attaboy. Just stay here with me and hang on for a second. Roy, I’ll take him now. Take that piece of back to the jailhouse where he belongs! Mom! Mommy! See? They got him. Why don’t you go up and get yourself cleaned up? Me and Mike will put the car to bed. Works for me. Later, gentlemen. Take care. It’s a hell of a life, Mike? Is it always like this? Oh, yeah. Day in and day out. Hop up in front. Yeah. And your wife wants to know why I can’t meet a nice woman. You guys handled it all pretty well. Listen, where are we headed? Just got one more errand to run. Come on! Move! Michael! Stay there. Michael, meet Ernie Pike. Come out and I.D. this piece of . Come on, mother er! Hey, that’s him! You got him. Goddamn it! That’s him! Did you hear that? You just been made. You just been made, scumbag! Picked up a crackhead pal of his. Turned in Pike here. You broke into my friend’s house? Did you scare him and his pretty wife? Did you do that? Did you do that? OK. I’m sorry, man. OK? Shut the up! He doesn’t want to hear about you being sorry. He wants to kick your ass, and guess what, scumbag? I’m going to let him. Ready? What? What are you waiting for? Let’s go. Are you serious? Yeah, I’m serious. You said you wanted to rip his heart out. Well, yeah, but I mean, that was, you know Games I was just talking. Tell him. Say it. Say how you wanted that uptown pussy. Say it! Is that what you wanted? Say it! Say it! OK. I Games Tell him! Whatever you say, man. Whatever you say. Come here. Don’t you resist me. Don’t you resist me! Now walk. I said walk. He just gave you the OK. Here. You don’t even have to touch him. I wasn’t going to hurt nobody, man. Shut up. Come on. Come on, Michael. It’s OK. Listen.

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