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Best Car Wheely

Best Car Wheely


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Where’d he go? Where did he go? LEVI: It’s just up here. I lost my iPod. What? I think it fell out of my pocket back there. That’s all right. I I’m sure your mom and pop will swing for a new one. I want my mom and dad! You’ll get them real soon, buddy, I promise. Here. I barely knew your dad, but what he did to Charlie this morning? That’s not easy to do. And he did it to protect you. You think he can’t handle finding you out in the woods? Now, as soon as he gets here, this will all be over. It’ll just be some cool story you can tell your friends back at school. I don’t really have many friends. Aw. Then it will just be some cool story you can use to help you make some. Believe me. Hey, who wouldn’t wanna be friends with a tough kid like you? And, uh, look. There’s my bunker. Where? Exactly. LEAVES RUSTLE MUSIC PLAYING DOOR CREAKS Oh, here, sit down, Danny. GRUNTING GROANING ! MARVIN: Drop that bag! Are you kidding me? Drop that bag. You’re under arrest. Oh, yeah? What for? For murdering an officer of the law.

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