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Best Chance Adventure

Best Chance Adventure


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Best Chance Adventure Description

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Not with no quarter-mile lead. Farrow! Take two men, scout ahead. Yes, sir. Lanier, Dugot, let’s go. Yankees! Let’s get to the colonel. Let’s go! Come on, you hunk of leather! Get out of here! You’re miles from the stew pot! Come on, move them out of here! After a march, they’ve a right to a rest and a drink. We don’t have the time! Get over! Yankee cavalry. They’re hustling. Probably at the bridge now. How many? Looked like a full squadron Games Games and a battery of howitzers. Can we bypass that bridge? Nothing but swamp. We’d drown every one of them. Williams? Yes, sir. Drown them. Drive them in the swamp. At least that’ll deny them the Yankee bellies. Yes, sir. And, Williams? Yes, sir. It does seem a pity to disappoint those Yanks at the bridge. What you got in mind, colonel? We’ll split in two ranks, move at them from both sides. Holy Mother of God. miles to drown in a stinking swamp! You make me sick. The Virginia Comanches do or die. You’re long on gallantry but short on sense. We’ll talk later. You know nothing about cattle. What are you driving at? You want them in Richmond? You know something, or are you just blowing hard, as usual? You want this herd in Richmond? You trying to tell me you know a way? I might. What’s it worth to you? What’s your price? You know what the price is. All right, you got it. Hatcher Games Games any instructions I gave regarding Colonel Kelly: Cancelled. Yes, sir. I’m in command now. Go ahead. Lieutenant. Yes, sir. How many Yanks did you say? I’d say abut , sir. And about of us. head of cattle. That makes for our side. We’ll divide them up into groups of each. I want an inventory of ammunition. Assemble your men for instructions. Yes, sir! Yes, sir! This business of command comes easy to me. Hatcher. You know, sergeant Games Games I’m going to miss your merry smile and winning ways. Get to work. Let’s hurry that up. Do you still think they’ll come this way? Get your men quiet. Quiet on the line! The funny thing about cattle. You can hear them like the pounding of surf. Come on! Move it along!

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