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Best Circuits Link Adventure

Best Circuits Link Adventure


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Best Circuits Link Adventure Description

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How will he follow her? We’re going back to Singapore He can reach Singapore too! He doesn’t need airtickets Bahadur, she’s not meeting any ghost! What if something happens to her? This ghost is a gentleman, ma’am. He hasn’t harmed a soul Am l right? Yes l leave the rest to you Wait Bahadur! Honey. Yes? l think he’s right You’re going to meet him? Yes. Only then will he find peace And you better not stop her if Kalicharan gets to know. just imagine! No! l wasn’t stopping her! l was only advising you, right.? Listen, you must meet the ghost. He’s such a gentleman! l’m off to sleep. Bye, good night! Champa. Champa. Hello! Kalicharan ji. Here l am. . to help you get peace Please. could you appear before me? ”l feel scared” Do ghosts also feel scared nowadays? ”l’m not a ghost” You aren’t a ghost? Oh yes, l get it. it offends you when someone calls you a ghost, isn’t it? And you’re right! You’ve ended your life for love And those who end their lives for love aren’t ghosts. They are. they are. They’re lovers!

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