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Best Clothing Mystery

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  • Best Clothing Mystery

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    This is seriously bad. I mean, a world without laughter? George, if he destroys our sense of humor, he destroys us! Imagine how boring our comics will be. Captain Underpants and the Purchase of the Sensible Beige Pants. Captain Underpants Eats All of His Falafel. Captain Underpants Watches Cement Dry. And would the creators of this absolutely hilarious comic book please come out, come out, wherever you are! You’re next. Okay, we have to stop him. We’ve gotta find a way to unplug Melvin. Yeah. But how do we get to him without Poopypants seeing us? What are you two doing together? Are you in there? Oh Maybe you’re hiding here. Oh, sorry. Are you stuck on hold? Mmm-hmm. Oh, totally hate when that happens. Well, good luck with that. Now, where are those two little Stand down, Poopypants! What is happening? I hope this works. Tra-la-laaa! Ow! Ow! Keep standing down. I’m just gonna be a second. Ow. I bet he thought that was going to be cooler. Oh, boy. Here goes nothing. Ha-ha! Prepare to be vanquished and justice to be served on a piping hot platter of freedom! With a side order of liberty and a super-sized cup filled with freedom also! Impressive use of fast-food analogies, you giant baby with a cape on! Let’s do this. Freeze! The following sequence contains scenes that are so intense, horrific, and violent And expensive. that we can only show it using a technology known as Flip-O-Rama! Take it away, Harold. Okay, first Professor Poopypants gave Captain Underpants the boot. Foot! Foot! OW! Then he made an Underpants sandwich. GEORGE Punch, punch! Punch, punch! And then, they played a friendly game of paddleball! Oh, no! Darn. Okay, what’s next? Oh, yes! Then, Poopypants summoned an army of dolphins Wait, what? Why are you always sneaking dolphins into the movie? What do you have against dolphins anyway? I don’t have nothing against dolphins, it just didn’t happen! Well, so what? We get to say what happened. It’s the Flip-O-Rama. I like dolphins. The dolphins are in. Fine, all right. Let’s just keep going. You sure? Yep,

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