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Best Dark Time Escape

Best Dark Time Escape


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Best Dark Time Escape Description

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Bergman’s fleshy ambiguities, as one critic said… I believe he did say that. No, no, no. Joannie, how would you know? Your favorite film is “Escape from Witch Mountain.” Shhh. Hey, fellas! Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. What makes you think people are gonna pay six bucks to see some crappy old movie they wouldn’t even rent for cents? Because you can’t see “Mosquito” at home in -D what’s it… What’s it called? Project-o-vision. Right. Nor can you watch “The Stench” in authentic odor-o-scope. Aroma-rama. Oh. Noseguards given at the theatre. You could use those in lots of movies. Right. Or “The Amazing Electrified Man” in… Shock-o-scope. And that’s why they’re gonna pay bucks. See, every one of these pictures was originally released with some kind of a promotional gimmick. Yeah, which we’re gonna recreate for our audience only with improvements. So, on the one hand, it’ll be a total goof. And on the other hand, we’re gonna scare the living out of them. So, how do you vote? Oh, there might be enough money leftover for some of you to do your own little experimental film. Bingo! I’m in. Hmm. Maggie? We’re voting. Yep. Welcome to the house of ushers. Wow. The old dreamland theater. It was a live theater for a long time before they converted it to a cinema. Toby, it’s great. Yeah, isn’t it? Kind of sad we’re gonna be its swan song. They’re tearing this place down in three weeks. Three weeks? Are you crazy? We can’t get this festival ready in three weeks. Yes, you can because I am here to help you. Malcolm Mnesyne at your disposal so to speak. Hi, Dr. M. Hello, Tony. I’m Toby. Yes, yes, of course you are, dear boy. My cargo is outside and it will require all of you to bring it in. I’ll be waiting center stage where I belong. Thanks a lot for coming, Dr. M. Who the hell is this guy? Dr. M’s movie memorabilia shop. He’s got everything we need for the festival. Now, what you see here are the priceless relics of a bygone era of showmanship. I refer not to myself, but to the contents of these crates, which I have stored and lovingly tended since my own youthful days as manager

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