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Best Escape From İsland

Best Escape From İsland


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Best Escape From İsland Description

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I knew it Games Huh!? I knew it! I knew something was going on with you! Your room was extraordinarily empty, your phone was out of service, and the calendar Games Pages after April were torn off Games Right now promise you will never try to kill yourself, or I’ll burn this. For earning the ,, yen you worked so hard for! Hey, are you listening to me!? Huh!? Don’t be stupid, mom Games YOU ARE stupid, what an ungrateful child you are! Hey, well, ah Games Sorry. I’m really sorry. I’ll stop. I’ll stop. I’m sorry. You’ll stop what, say it clearly! I’ll stop trying to kill myself! I’ll stop trying to kill myself! Really? Really! Ok, that’s a promise. Hey! Mom! Ouch! Hey, water, water! Yesterday, I thought about killing myself by jumping into a river from some very high bridge. The reason I went to meet Nishimiya was also like a ceremony before it. It was the biggest challenge of my life but the story has changed Games “Friend” Stupid! Why did I say such a thing!? When just entered junior high school, Shimada said, You’d better stay away from a guy named Shoya Ishida. He is Games a bully. What I did had all come back to haunt me. I fully realized that I had to take responsibility of what I had did. And I was isolated. Good morning. Then Translate these sentences by the next lesson. Ishida-kun. H-hi. Kawai Games Can I gather your math homework if you finished it? Oh Games sorry, I have forgotten it. Ok, I see. Please finish it soon as the deadline is coming up. Yes, I will. Sorry. Let’s have lunch outside. “Ishida-kun is always alone as you can see.” “Everyone knows it.” Oh, really? “Oh, he is looking at us as always.” “Isn’t he feeling desolate, always being alone?” “He will always be the same.” “Why is he still living?” H Games Hi, here it is. I just bought this limited edition, and Games Oops. Then I’ll quit being a fan of them. Me too. That’s the reality Games Huh? I remember that hair. Who is he? By the way, can I meet Nishimiya again? She said she feeds the carp in the river. Do you have a reason? Can I see her to apologize what I did? She said she will be there every Tuesday. Would it be weird if I see her again? I’m home. Sho—chan? Whoops, I’m so surprised. What? I’m very sorry for what happened this morning. I burned the money you worked so hard for. But I didn’t want to use any of the money that you saved to die. Sorry, I’ll save up again. Thanks. You can take your time, ok? You are hungry, huh? Let’s have dinner. Hungry! Tuesday. Hey you, why don’t you lend your bike to me? Me? Oh, the guy I remember. I left something behind. I want to go home to get it. Huh? What are you saying? You should use your own. I asked you ’cause I don’t have my own. Stop it please. Hey, don’t resist. Oops. Stop it! Someone please help me! Someone! Oh, dear. Please, please help me! Help! Help! Shut up! Stop resisting! H Games hey. I Games I’ll lend you mine. Really!? You are super! It was ripped off. Actually, today of all days is Tuesday. This means I should not see her again? Of course I still can go by foot,

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