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Best Gangnam Tİme

Best Gangnam Tİme


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Just by the mulberry. There’s metal here. How deep does this one go? And here. How deep does this one go? About two meters. And here. Do non-ferrous metals sound different? No, about the same. So it’s everywhere… There’s something big here. There was a blacksmith and an electric company storeroom. It’s a big area… Nails everywhere. Zero. . . This one has numbers? Yes. digits means ferrous, means non-ferrous. Let’s try here. . It could be here, right? Gold. It could be gold, silver, copper. Or aluminum, if it was an electric company. . . I’ve got it! I’ve opened it. Come and see. The red is ore. The image is upside down. We can rotate it. So spin it around. Look. Stop! That’s the right image. See? But there’s nothing much and it’s deep down. There could be traces of ore in the soil. There’s no point digging here. There’s something here, too. How do you know? If there’s a lot the chart goes red. Shouldn’t we wait for the image? Not necessarily. You only need the image to find out the depth. So why did I bother? Look. Here again. Red means metal. Yes. But we don’t know what kind. No. But the other showed digits. That means non-ferrous. So? So it could be gold, could be silver, could be copper, or aluminum. Anything non-ferrous. What does the blue mean? Blue means normal. And what does green mean? Another kind of soil. And these figures here? I’m not sure about those. I usually use the other one. This red is over there. Yes. In that case, let’s start digging. And if we just find copper? Tough luck. Let’s scan the whole garden. What if it shows other places? I agree. I’ll scan it all and mark where there could be something. Then you can stay and dig. OK? OK. In fact, here in Oltenia people hid money in the walls of houses. In the east wall, facing the rising sun. How do you know? I worked a lot in this region. I dug up hundreds of landmines around Caracal. German? Some of them. They’d make a hole in the wall, hide the coins and seal it up? No, when building a house, they’d put a few coins in the east wall for luck.

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