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Best Goal Time

Best Goal Time


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Best Goal Time Description

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For someone so young, you’re quite brilliant. A cure isn’t the only thing I found. Really? Please, tell me more. I figured out how the latent virus is activated. Animality Virus, professor. A-Virus, for short. Your B.O.W.s can tell who they’re supposed to attack. That’s a good selling point for a weapon. Engineering them with that trait must have been difficult for you. But I know how you did it. There are three strains of the virus. One infects them. A second acts as a trigger. The third gives you the option of choosing who your target will be. A sort of inactivation virus. The vaccine. Bring up the map again. CHRIS: She must have thought these outbreaks were related. See how they’re all concentrated around the Great Lakes? If what she said is true Games and this thing can lay dormant inside people Games God knows how many are infected. REBECCA: You mixed the base virus in drinking water. I’m impressed. How did you figure it out? I noticed a huge concentration of outbreaks around the Great Lakes. Which just so happens to be a major source of drinking water. But they weren’t planned by you. They happened by accident. It seems under certain rare conditions Games the latent virus can activate without the trigger virus. Speaking of, the trigger virus is probably distributed through the air Games by a gas. By themselves, these viruses either have no potency Games or they run the risk of activating on their own. But when combined Games they become an effective, controllable bioweapon. Nicely done, professor. It’s no wonder you survived Raccoon City. If the trigger’s airborne, it’s harder to control where it goes or who gets it. So then Arias has to be using some type of vaccine. Uh-huh. That’s how he controls the spread of an outbreak. He vaccinates anyone he doesn’t want infected first. Which makes for a more accurate weapon. See? You’ve done your homework on the A-Virus. So now what’s next? It wasn’t hard for me to engineer a test cure. And now that I know it works, my team has my research and my blood. Your “merchandise

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