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Best No boundaries

Best No boundaries


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Please, come in. I’m nearly finished. Where is he? Where is he? Surely, my dear fellow, you know he’s dead. Where’s the woman? The woman? She The Rachel woman. Where is she? Gone. Where? I have no clue. It’s the truth. How did he die? It was a tumor, in the head. Here. The doctors are in no doubt. It affected his brain. How? Oh. Shouting. Violence. Terrible distrust. The doctors are all idiots, and I of course, the worst idiot of all. Things are thrown, glasses smashed. His wife pushed up against the wall and held by the throat. She wants this place let. Even sold. Your cousin Rachel, Mr. Ashley, is a woman of very strong impulse and passion. Very strong. Do you understand? Where are his things? Hmm? His clothes, his books The day after the funeral, she was gone. Unbelievable bitch. Hmm? I said how much I was looking forward to seeing her. My name is Rainaldi. I am your cousin’s lawyer and advisor, and I hope friend. Prego. A copy of the certificate of death. A copy has already been sent to you in England and another one to the trustee of Ambrose’s will, your godfather,

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