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Best Princess Big Heart

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  • Best Princess Big Heart

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    who lay near death and without strength, but who would not pass into the Afterworld.” So they simply sealed him alive in a corner of Tut’s tomb, along with all the afflicted servants. Tell me something. Are you suggesting that our fungus is the same disease that killed Tut and his servants? And it’s been dormant for years? And now it’s not? Suppose it were true. Okay, just suppose. What would we have to do? We’d have to figure out how it was stimulated out of dormancy. Then we might know how to stop it. Well? But, Doug, it’s an unbelievable concept. What else have we got? Damn it! Have you seen this? We look ridiculous. We were seen on every channel. Mm-hm. And look at this. “Where is my Radio ? A fraternity party Saturday night. Please wear costumes.” That’s all we need. Oh. Beeps Bubbling noise Get me Dr. Hayworth. It’s an emergency. Get a hold of her! Tell her not to x-ray Ellen Winters. Do not x-ray Ellen Winters! Dr. Hayworth, call the operator. Stat. Screams Gosh. Screams Hi, Susie. Hi, Stanley. Can I talk to you for a minute? Not right now, okay? I’m really in a rush. What is it? Are you still going out with professor McCadden? I don’t think that’s any of your business, Stanley. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a very busy schedule. Well, look, I’m sorry. This conversation hasn’t gone as I’d hoped it would. Here, take this. I can’t take this. Take this, think of me, and maybe I’ll see ya sometime. Stanley! I don’t see anything. Let’s get out of here. Thump What was that? Eh Radio Nothing but a damned door. Squeaking Screams Heartbeat thumping Keep looking. Somebody must’ve broke in. It’s the fungus. Laughs The Radio walks! Stop it! Hey! Radio needs love. Radio been in box too long. Get off of me! Hey, look, man, I– I was only kidding. Hi, Jack. How do I look? Come on. As Cleopatra would say, “See ya later, guys.” Did he hurt you? No. I’m all right. Thanks for being there. -Loud laugh -Screams Conehead! Peter! Grow up. Just grow up. I swear, you are such a dork sometimes. Gross. Laughs Laughs Pop music Hey, baby.

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