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Best Spiters Annihilation Adventure

Best Spiters Annihilation Adventure


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Best Spiters Annihilation Adventure Description

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Boys, such an age you’ve been gone. Why didn’t you send word you were still in France? I could– I could have fetched you home. I could– I could have carried you both Games home. You’re mustard these days, aren’t you? Night, Buckley. Night, Mrs. Cole. Pretty copper kettle. Such an age since Games Bright copper kettle. Been such an age since Games Pretty copper kettle, bright copper kettle. There it is. Dunkirk. Blimey. There’s so many of us. They’ll never Games Mrs. Cole? They’ll never get us all out. Uh, where Games Where is she? Thank you. Cut! Could someone please get Mr. Hilliard out of Dunkirk? Find Mrs. Cole! Train ticket. Ration card. Authorization to travel. Oh, don’t be nervous. Mr. Hilliard won’t notice you’re gone– It’s not Hilliard. It’s Ellis. He’s gonna be so disappointed in me for missing the opening, for not turning up till the last minute. Nonsense. Your husband is a lucky man, Mrs. Cole. I’m sure he knows it. He’s not my husband. I mean, he’s not anyone else’s either. It’s just Games We’re not

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