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Best Ten Adventure

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  • Best Ten Adventure

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    We’re gonna die. screeching whimpering nervously screeching Wait, where are you going? grunting screaming grunting Move it, Evo, out! We got rid of them for now. Nathan must be behind there. What the heck are you doing? Are you crazy, or just dumb? We almost died back there. The Kraken said to cross the City of Men. And that is exactly what I am going to do. No, Deep, Rico said grunting stay out of here. We go back. grunting Are you gonna listen to crabs? Or are you gonna listen to me? screaming screaming grunting screaming Evo whimpering Guys, I don’t think we’re in the City of Men anymore. shouts What have you done with Maura? I am Maura. Who are you? I’m Evo. Deep cheering That was a heck of a doe-see-do, huh? What? You do whatever you want, Deep, and expect us to come along for the ride and we almost died because of it. But guess what? You didn’t, did you? Thanks to yours truly. Ouch! Hey, what are you trying to tell me? Team, Deep. Trust the team. I do. Do you? Because it seems that’s not really your thing. You just shot us halfway across the ocean, away from Nathan, and away from the colony, and any chance of survival! Oh, give me a break. This is ridiculous. Oh, Deep. We may not have known where Nathan was, but guess what, now we don’t even know where the colony is. And it’s all your fault! grunts Please, help me out here, Maura. Alice is blaming me for everything. That’s just so wrong. I’ll tell you what’s so wrong, little guy. Me talking about eating Evo when I should have eaten you from the beginning. Huh? Appreciate you fighting that urge, Maura. I thought we were gonna be friends, Deep, but friends decide things together. Hey, if this is about what happened back with the zombie fish, I had a gut feeling and I went for it. You can’t blame me for that. If I went for it every time I had a gut feeling, Deep, you’d be working your way through my colon right now. Maura, I, I We are through. all Whoa. gasping Greetings, strange creatures. Look who’s talking. I welcome you to the greatest adventure Earth has ever known:

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