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Best Where Is Adventure

Best Where Is Adventure


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Best Where Is Adventure Description

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He had a heart attack and died. God rest his soul. I’m thinking that when he said: “Take care of the house”, maybe he was saying take care, because there’s treasure there. Does your mother or father know anything? My father never got along with my grandfather. He was my mother’s father. I asked my mother, but she didn’t know anything. You said your great-grandfather buried the treasure, right? Yes. So why didn’t he dig it up? Who? Your grandfather. He couldn’t, because they didn’t live there anymore. In ’, the Communists kicked them out of the house. They were deported to Caracal for years, then they came back and stayed with relatives and neighbors. I only got the house back later, after the revolution. Around ’. I think Games this could be good business for you. I don’t have the money right now. I really don’t. I went to hire a metal detector. They asked for euros. But if you can find it cheaper somewhere else… Was your great-grandfather rich? Yes, very. And your great-grandmother? What about her? Did you know her? No, she died earlier, in the ‘s. I’ll think about it and call you. Where will you get euros? I have in my account. If I don’t pay the bills this month, that’s another . Maybe you could ask your father for the rest. Why don’t you ask him yourself? You know he can’t stand me. It’s not that he can’t stand you. He doesn’t love you but he can stand you. Better if you ask. I’m not asking. He’ll say I’ve gone crazy. Tell him you need it for Alin at school, to buy him something. What? I think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I won’t call him. I’d rather wait until we really need it. We’re talking about an investment Games No, we must discuss the environment, because it is protected by the constitution, in Article . The right to work is also constitutionally guaranteed. Article of the constitution says the right to work is guaranteed. I see. OK. Let’s listen to Romanian Academy member Radu Rey. Our problem is sustainability. The Rosia Montana gold reserves are limited, they will run out. We’ve seen many terrible examples

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