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Best Zoo Escape Adventure

Best Zoo Escape Adventure


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Best Zoo Escape Adventure Description

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l’ll turn this! Wait Games wait Games ls there anybody there? Can you hear our plight? l can hear it. Not you Games Nobody is hearing us. Anybody there? Anybody there? Greetings, my name is DK Bose. People call me as Bose DK too. Welcome to Hyderabad flying club! What bloody welcome? We’re dying here. Your voice is good. Good voice? Shall l sing a song? No need, just tell me your problem. Give me. We’re in a private plane and pilot got drunk and fell down. Who is flying the flight now? lt’s me! Who is this me? l’m Subbu! Look, Subbu Subbu Subbu. Just one Subbu only sir. Look just one Subbu only! Do you’ve any experience of flying a flight? What bloody experience! He doesn’t know anything, pilot fell down getting drunk. Please get us down, l beg you sir. Before you get down, you must know few important things, to know how to land the flight, you must know how it takes off, and then you must know how to fly after it takes off, before that you must know what a flight really is! Generally this private plane weighs tons and grams. it has two engines, two propellers, and two fans. Bloody rogue! l think you’ll kill us. Just tell us how to land it. To land the flight, there are two emergency doors, the third is in the cockpit, l’m here to tell you this. Now you watch ahead! Tell me what do you see? We can see death! No, before your death, can you see a round thing? Yes, there is. There’s red button next to it. l’ve pressed it. You mustn’t press it, if you do, the main engine will stop. Why did you press it without hearing him fully? How dare you hit the manager! We’re dying in minutes now, who bothers about manager or employee. Though main engine stops, the second engine will start. Start is the name of the company. Very good company. But not even the company can guaranty when it’ll shut down. But we’ll die surely. Look sir, a hoarding! l beg you, please guide us to land. Please tell me where the needle is in your petrol indication meter. lt’s showing red signal sir. lt means you’re running out of petrol. No petrol? Shouldn’t

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