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Big Alien Pirates Adventure

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  • Big Alien Pirates Adventure

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    She finds you very beautiful. Does she now? As do the Pascoe girls. How terribly flattering. The vicar does not agree. Oh, dear. But he finds you feminine. Lift your feet. “Extremely feminine” were his exact words. I wonder in what way. I suppose in a way that’s different to Mrs. Pascoe. Mmm. And how would you define it? Define what? The difference. Our femininity: Mrs. Pascoe’s and mine. God knows. All I know is I like looking at you and I don’t like looking at Mrs. Pascoe. All this nonsense about staying at Pelyn. What’s wrong with staying here? I’ll stay until Seecombe gets fed up with me. Seecombe? See Seecombe has nothing to do with it. Or I run out of money. And am forced to give Italian lessons to the bored wives of the gentry. No, no, no. Only spinsters teach. Everybody knows that. Oh! And then only when no one will support them. And what about widows? Widows? Oh, well, widows remarry as fast as they can. And if they can’t do that, they just pawn their wedding rings. Well I think I would prefer to give Italian lessons.

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