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Big Apartment Escape

Big Apartment Escape


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Big Apartment Escape Description

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Big Apartment Escape One is the broken one and the others are Game in different colours. They were used in the different scenes. I created them by Game looking at an actual Humvee model. Since we had to put Game Landmates and Briareos Game in the vehicle in this movie Game I edited the size of the vehicle Game according to the size of the characters. Pretend this is the stage. There are dozens Game of cameras around it. They capture the movements of the actors Game from every direction. Each actor wears Game the special suit with Game about to reflective sensors all over the suit Game mainly on the joints. Their movements Game get captured from every direction. All the movements are Game recognised as -D movements Game and saved as data in the computer Game using the special software. The system is called Game motion capture. You see Deunan in the CG. Her movements neatly match Game the movements of the actual actor. So the movements of the D character Game match to the movements of the actor Game no matter which direction you look at it from. This allows you to switch the camera view later on too. That’s the technology we use. Basically your movements Game get captured as computer data. Now it’s in the chamber. Slide it, put it in, and load it. Put the safety on, then put it in. We hired the action advisors Game from the military. They advised us on everything Game from how to hold the gun, move with it, and shoot it. Both Briareos and Deunan are Game the weaponry experts. Since they look visually real Game their movements must be even more real. They gave us very detailed advice. You can express how nervous you are by raising or lowering your shoulders. You can express the distance between you and enemy by raising Game or lowering your weapon. If you feel the area is safe, you lower your weapon Game but watch your surroundings. When the enemy is approaching Game you can express your nervousness by raising your shoulders and weapon. That’s the type of instruction I gave them. I’m detailed about it. Mr. Hosokawa is a military commentator Game

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