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Big Aztec Treasure Time

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  • Big Aztec Treasure Time

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    Because you might not like them? Because you may not know of what you speak. What is he talking about? I’m talking about her long life, the source of her immortality. She draws power from the Dark Dimension to stay alive. That’s not true. I’ve seen the rituals. Worked them out. I know how you do it. Once they regroup, the Zealots will be back. You’ll need reinforcements. She’s not who you think she is. You don’t have the right to say that. You’ve no idea the responsibility that rests upon her shoulders. No, and I don’t want to know. You’re a coward. Because I’m not a killer? These Zealots will snuff us all out and you can’t muster the strength to snuff them first? What do you think I just did?! You saved your own life! And then whined about it like a wounded dog! You would have done it so easily?! You’ve no idea the things I’ve done. And the answer is yes. Without hesitation. Even if there’s another way? There is no other way. You lack imagination. No, Stephen. You lack a spine. They’re back. We have to end this.

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