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Big Damage 2

Big Damage 2


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Big Damage 2 Description

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Big Damage 2 My favorite episode is when jimmy gets shot. No, where Emma gets gonorrhea in her throat. No! When spinner gets ballsack cancer. Oh, my god, so sad. I almost cried. Jesus, that show is, like, really ed up. I know. It goes there. All right, and we’re gonna slow it down With the afterTheCredits version. Ah, we have to dance. I don’t know how to dance. Yes, you do know how to dance. Come on. Put your hands here. Okay. And then I put my hands up here. And now we just sway. Sway. Sway, sway. Okay. Move your hips. But I don’t want to step on your feet. You’re not gonna step on my feet. Chillax. But it could happen. That’s good, JoelSki. You’re lying. I know you’re lying. I’m not lying. Oh, my god. This is just like the episode where Clare left Eli Because she found out he was bipolar. What’s wrong? Nothing. You nervous? No. I mean, we’ve kind of already done this before. Yeah, it’s just this time I’m not covered in puke. You’re beautiful, you know that? You always were. . Oh, my god. , is it : already? I promised I would help set up For my sister’s engagement party. Mm. MmHmm. Hey, does this shirt say, like, “I don’t want to be here, and I don’t give a “? Yeah. Awesome, perfect. You can come if you want to. Really? All right, I love engagement parties. All right, let’s not make me regret ing you. Hey, I was thinking about it. Me and you should go on a road trip. What, like, over Christmas? No, like, this week. I have cles on Monday. Well, then you can just skip them. I can’t, and I don’t want to. Come on, we can go somewhere awesome, you know, like game Kentucky. You know, you’re allowed to have with your dog there. That sounds fantastic, But didn’t you just tell me That you were, like, flunking out of school? I don’t really want to go back anyways. What are you talking about? I just want to stay here, you know? Why am I gonna go back? I mean, we’ve got all this random in your trunk That we can play with. We could have in parking lots every night. Okay, yeah, I really can’t tell If you’re being serious or not right now.

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