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Big Expert Hero

Big Expert Hero


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Big Expert Hero Description

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But he’s our only option. No visual on the park ranger game game but there’s a body on the ground. I think it’s Jean. Okay, stay on the trail. Minimal comms. Radio compromised. [IN FRENCH] CLAY: I guess that’s that. He already knew. This guy’s pretty smart. What? Your brother knew what he was doing game game and he never would’ve let us sacrifice ourselves for him. If this little truce of ours is gonna hold game game let’s not talk about my brother, okay? I just think you should know the whole story before you kill a person. If I were you game game I wouldn’t talk to me about my brother while I’m holding a gun. Good point. Let’s go. Unh. . SAUL [IN FRENCH OVER RADIO]: AGENT [WHISPERING]: Did you hear that? [WHISPERING] Hear what? If you have to ask, then you didn’t hear it. [ALL GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] Fragaria ananassa. [IN ENGLISH] The wild strawberry. I wasn’t aware you grew in these parts. They’ll smell that a mile away. CLAY: So how did you know about me? HENRY: Your tattoo. And just intuition, really. You get a feel for someone who wants you dead. Time? Two and a half hours. Gentlemen, good evening. I would like to speak to whoever has the walkie. [OVER RADIO] We are under time constraint. We want to finish our work. End this now and no one else gets hurt. That’s the wrong move. We have a conversation, find out what they want. We know what they want. They’re drug dealers. They want their drugs. XANDER: Allow me to be direct. I simply want the park ranger. The other guy game you can go. This don’t mean I trust you. Move. XANDER: If you change your mind, you know how to reach me. I’m in the book. [IN FRENCH] [IN FRENCH] How much further? We’re close. We should see it soon. [KNOCKING] Mr. Sanderson. Break it down. No, it’s not a home invasion. I don’t want to involve the guy. I just want to get in, make the call and get out. Forget the window. No, this is our best chance. No, we go in this door. We don’t have time for this. I’ll go, then you go. I’ve got nowhere to run once I’m inside.

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