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Big Love 3

Big Love 3


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Big Love 3 Description

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Big Love 3 I understand. I’m sorry. You don’t need to apologise. Wejust can’t, that’s all. Do you have an address for Something to drink? Orange juice or water? No, thank you. Dominique Or Alphonse? I can give you Yvon’s address. His son’s too. Yes, please. They live at number , Rue C?te d’Or. That’s in Sclessin. Goodbye. Mireille! Hello. It’s been ages. Are you better’? Yes, thanks. Can I have a quick word with you about the vote for the bonus and my layoff? Sure, but I’m in a hurry. We have to Go on then quickly. I can come back later or tomorrow. No, go ahead. Juliette and I saw Dumont. He’s agreed to a new ballot Monday because JeanMarc told people stuff to influence them and scare them. So I wanted to ask if you’d vote for me to stay. I’d like to do that but I’ll lose my bonus. I didn’t decide that. Neither did I. Will the others agree to lose it? There are three for now. Juliette Juliette has it easy. Her guy mends cars on the black. I can’t. I’ve left my husband, see. My guy and I are starting from scratch. Furniture, TV, bed, washing machine, crockery. We have to buy it all. Excuse me. I can’t afford to lose , euros. Don’t be mad at me but I can’t. I’m not mad at you. Sony, I really have to go. Excuse me. Goodbye. Don’t take it badly. No, I won’t. Goodbye. Hello? I saw two. They refused. They need their bonus. It’s normal. I told you. Thanks. Yes, you take care too. Hello? Who is it? It’s Sandra. I’d like to talk to Nadine. Are you her daughter’? Yes, but she isn’t here. I work with your mum at Solwal. When will she be back? I don’t know. She didn’t tell me. I heard you, Nadine. Why won’t you talk to me? Think they could change their minds? No. If I was in their shoes , euros Three already agree. out of . That’s half. Manu! I’ll put the fruit salad out soon. Yes, with strawberries. Are you ok, Mum? I won’t be long. I don’t want the kids to see me crying. Got a handkerchief? It’s clean. The one that hurts most is Nadine. Forget her. We got on well but she wouldn’t speak to me. I’m going home. Let’s see a couple more.

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