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Big Piggies Adventure

Big Piggies Adventure


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Big Piggies Adventure Description

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clean the restaurant. Mom, I’m sorry I lied. But gymnastics is important to me. And it’s all-city. Sounds like you’ve made a decision. I’ll go back to Chinese school next weekend. Ivy. [sigh] What if the tumblers win all-city? Then we compete in regionals. That’s a big deal, right? I know. So, more than likely, there’ll be more of these extra Saturday practices, too. You know the Woo family next door? Their children don’t speak any Mandarin or Cantonese. Their whole family tries so badly to be American, they forget that they’re Chinese. Our culture is important in this family. I’ll go back to Chinese school next weekend. [phone rings] Julie Albright’s room. Julie Albright speaking. Aah! Uh-oh. She doesn’t understand anything. Why do I have to learn a language I’ll never use? You’re not wasting your Saturdays at German-Dutch-Irish school. Actually, my family is also / Hungarian. Not important. I’m sorry, Ivy. It’s like I keep trying to tell everyone how important gymnastics is to me. It’s more than important. It’s… It’s… It’s your signature item. Exactly. W-What does that mean? Gymnastics is the one thing that you specialize in to attract people to your store. Andrew gets the good grades. Missy gets all the cute baby attention. Gymnastics is the one thing that defines you. Exactly. Ivy? Where’s your sewing kit? [speaking Chinese] I’ll do my homework later. Now, please. Ow. You’re up late. Are you hungry? And tired. Is this your last final? Mm-hmm. And then I promise it’ll be less crazy. I said that last semester, too, didn’t I? Is this the New Year’s menu? Mm-hmm. Oh. Do we really need three of every dish? We’re not feeding all of China Town. I skipped the roast pig for our wedding banquet, and Yuwahi never lets me forget it. We’re sticking to this menu. It’s not that much food. I mean, the whole family is coming. Well, maybe minus Ivy. So she decided to go to the meet? She skipped Chinese school today. I heard. [chuckles] Andrew. That’s right. We’re either raising a Nobel laureate, or a mob snitch. [laughing] So Ivy, what do we do about her? I’m all out of ideas. We’re never gonna find time to make all this. My parents offered to help, but they already do so much for us, I… I want this dinner to be a thank you to them. Just don’t take on too much. Ningo. We can skip that. But that’s your favorite. None of the kids like it. If I’m making it for me, I can do without. Hi, Po Po. Hi, Gung Gung. Ivy. I, uh… I came to help you clean the restaurant for New Year’s. All done. Andrew came over yesterday after Chinese school. Brought his own broom. Ivy. Have you eaten lunch yet? Mm. Mm-mm. [chuckles] You know, it’s the juiciest hamburger in North Beach. We get tired of eating Chinese food all the time, too. When we first came here from China, we didn’t speak the language so we never ate a restaurant. It was not until I was before I had my first bite of the American hamburger. [chuckling] How old were you when you first moved here, Gung Gung? Moved here? That makes it sound like we relocated from Berkeley to Oakland. We immigrated here.

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