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Bucket Game 4

Bucket Game 4


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Bucket Game 4 Description

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Bucket Game 4 Can I ask you something? Sure. Do you want something from me? What would I want anyways? Oh, . . . Shit. Whats Chiara doing tonight? Out with her new boyfriend. Whos her new boyfriend? This guy, Patrick. Its kind of serious. He gave her a promise ring. It wont last. It might. It wont. Youre so pessimistic. Im not pessimistic, but, trust me, it wont last. Theyre in love, so it might. Theyre not in love. Yes. They are. Oh. No. No. Thats right. Discipline the animal. Hear? Try spanking him. Like this. Stop. Yo, does your dog like to get high? I dont know. Whats the dogs name? Coffee. What kind of name is that? You named your dog after a hot ing beverage? Ignore them. Theyre just being dicks. Shes so hot. So hot. Gross. Why is she rubbing herself like that? Cause it gets her off. Looks painful. Her titties are kind of perky. Shes got peach titties. Shes got a nice ass. I remember one time I made a porn. My exgirl found the video. She didnt like it so much. Punched me in my face. I still got to keep the porno, though. Ive thought about doing that. Doing what? Like, as a career option. Really? Yeah, totally. Like, the hours are really good and so is the pay. And I like , a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. Shes not very good. Ive seen better. Whats your name again? Lila. Lila, why dont you come and put your ass right here? So I can smack your ass with this paddle Game Till it turns sore. Turn that white ass red. I should go. I have to get up early. Its the weekend. Yeah, but, my moms in the hospital. Get me a . Its the best rap you never heard thats why I got you hangin onto every word Im just savin up, imagine the stack they said our boy Barnes is the savage on the track thats cause it sound like Im in a battle when I rap I got a head full of money, pocket full of dreams Biggs said it best, things aint always what they seem in this fake world we live in, things spinnin it real show me nice in Game where do you live? Either way, dont matter, still spinnin Game th ave. Between what and what? What and what?

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