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Build Up Time

Build Up Time


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Build Up Time Description

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This is a Horrorthon. Yeah! Ooh, wah! Yeah! You’re gonna be all night, okay? Whoo! Bring on the boos! Come on, you’ve got two fives, he’s got a . All right, come on, just spend all your lunch money right here. Come on, let’s do it! What in tarnation could’ve done this, doc? There’s nary a drop of blood left in any of my sheep. Beats me, Skeeter. Wait a minute. Look at this large puncture wound in the back of her neck. Are you sure that’s the neck? Gross! I’ll be right back. Somebody just… I’m gonna get some popcorn. Stuck a big needle or something in them and just sucked the blood out. Oh! Someone or something. Got the whole dang flock. Even Effie. Say, you don’t think there’s any connection between this and them underground tests the army’s been conducting out here, do you? It’s our army out there, Skeeter. If we were in danger, they’d have warned us. Toby.- I know this sounds really crazy, but I think I just saw Lanyard Gates. Gates? Yes, I’m sure it was him. He’s older and his face was burned, but I’m sure it was him. The guy from the “Possessor”. “Possessor”? Maggie, all we saw was an eyeball and a bad haircut. How could you recognize anybody from that? I don’t know how I knew but I’m telling you it was him. I just… I know it. Well, Mr. Davis did say this guy Gates’s body was never officially identified. He said it was a big fire and the bodies were burned beyond recognition, so maybe he could… So maybe he’s still alive. I mean, like, he could be just lurking somewhere in this theater just waiting to attack us! Sounds a little paranoid. This is great. God, Toby, what a great movie this would make! We gotta find this guy. Maggie, maybe we should call the police. Oh, yeah, right, they come right on down here, “Hello, officer, hi. There was this guy and he made this movie years ago and he, like, killed all these people and everything and we think he’s at our Film Festival, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” All right. Look, somebody’s gotta watch the booth. I’ll take a look, okay? All right. Hey, be careful.

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