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Caesarean Birth Baby

Caesarean Birth Baby


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Caesarean Birth Baby Description

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Caesarean Birth Baby I’ll leave by the . clock train and return after two days. Don’t worry, Munna, Anand will be alright. Jaichand. Come, Issa bhai. Please be seated. I don’t have the time. There are final rehearsals today. I’ve a lot of work to do. Please call Jaichand quickly. He won’t be able to come. You bet. He will surely come. You just tell him that Rajni Bahen Game that Rajni’s rehearsals are there and he’ll come talking in Gujarati. The problem is that Game Okay, Munna. You’re leaving. Come back soon. As soon as possible. This medicine can cure poison, fever, cholera, cancer or any other disease. No, Raghu uncle. Any disease can be cured but not cancer. It can be. Even that can be cured. You bet. Yes I will. You’ll lose. I’ve never lost a bet. My father was a famous doctor too Game He always said that one who gets this dreaded disease Game will surely die. It’s not a doctors medicine. Which medicine is this? It’s called belief. I’ll leave now. I’m sure his cancer will be cured. But who’s got cancer? Anyone I know? Yes. He’s close to me. Who? Anand. That’s why I said, he can’t come with you. He’s in his last stages. I don’t know when Game He knew Game didn’t he, doctor? Even on his death bed, the student taught the teacher about life. Keep sorrows to yourself and give joy to others. Doctor, can I meet him just once. Yes. Please come. Anand. Gurudev. You’re taking an early exit. Very smart. You’ve taken the claps Game and left the empty chairs for us. What can I do? My dialogue are all over Game or else I’d have challenged you. You bet. But we’ll meet up there. Set your Anand troupe and your own drama. I’ll join you. If you need any actress from here inform me Game I’ll get her along. I’ll leave now. I’ll come again. Where? Here. I’ll meet you here. I won’t let the curtain fall. I hope Raghu uncle wins the bet. Thus these are a few pages left in Anand’s life Game like his last few days. Renu was right. God needs good people as much as we do. No one can go against His wishes. Sometimes they say a prayer creates miracles Game

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