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Candy Thieves Rescue mission

Candy Thieves Rescue mission


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Candy Thieves Rescue mission Description

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Candy Thieves Rescue mission Wait here, okay? Ill get something to clean it with. Have you got a pair of scissors? Lotte, who are you contacting? Give me that phone! Ow! Give me that phone! Stop it. Stop. Roger is alive. He is in my apartment now. Its not what you think! Whats happening? I dont know! Answer me! Answer me! No, I dont know. I dont know. Whats happening? Its not my fault! Whats going on? Please. What does Greve want from me? Its the Pathfinder job. You dont kill people for a job! Its about billions, okay? Theyve been working on this for months, ever since they found out that Pathfinder is looking for a new CEO. Who are they? Who are they?! Clas. He still works for HOTE. What? What? They have massive economic problems. Amtech can save them. They demand that HOTE provide them with Pathfinders technology. This was Clas assignment. Are you all insane? I was to get to know you, then introduce you to him. But he found a new plan, when you suddenly didnt want to see me anymore. What plan? He had to find a way to meet you. His grandmother had an old reproduction of a Rubens painting. So he made up a wild story that she had gotten it from a Game officer during the war. He looked up Diana and told her the story, and she believed him. Then he met you. The only thing Ive done is rub transmitters into your hair. Did you do that? Did you smear that shit into my hair? Diana? Huh? Is Diana involved in this? I dont know, but I think so. You think so? Its not my fault! I didnt want this to happen! I just want to get away from him. Please help me. May I have a glass of water? Lotte! Lotte! The suspect in the farmer murder case died in the accident, with three of the four police officers. The last police officer is still missing. Military divers are now searching in and along the river at the site. Now to the Middle East, where Game Diana. Roger? What happened? Are you okay? Dont look at me that way. I know why you left. Theres nothing more between Clas and me now. I promise. I tried to tell you in the garage, but I couldnt. And then you just disappeared.

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